Best Tropical Locales for Learning to Scuba Dive

Since Jacques Cousteau introduced the Aqualung to the masses in the early 1950s, dive shops have sprung up around the world and there are now millions of certified divers practicing their sport in oceans around the globe. Scuba classes are taught anywhere there is available water and students complete their ‘class dives- in the ocean, in lakes and even in murky quarries in the Midwest. Some classes are taught in hometowns and the students then travel to tropical locales to compete their openwater dives.

Many aspiring scuba divers decide to learn to dive on their vacations to exotic destinations and the choices are, seeming, endless with dive resorts scattered in tropical locations around the globe. One of the favorite places for certified divers and students alike is the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The Caymans are considered the diving capital of the world and offers divers a wide variety of dive sites. There are shallow patch reefs that are ideal for dive classes, towering coral heads overlooking deep gullies, sheer walls that drop off into the abyss and shipwreck to thrill the adventurous.

Learning to dive in any beautiful tropical location will keep the diver coming back for more.

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