Holidays in the Sun is a blog that focuses on punk rock music, politics, and other topics. Our goal is to provide an opinion on the genre and the culture, as well as music reviews. The blog started in April 2008 and is based out of San Diego, California. It has been featured on numerous major punk rock related websites including AOL Music Blogs, and

Holidays in the Sun grew out of a need to write about the current state of punk rock music and culture. Under the name “The Daily Rant”, blogs were posted daily for two years, with opinionated rants on politics, celebrities and life in general. In 2010, the Daily Rant was renamed “Holidays in the Sun” because it had become a blog focusing on all things punk rock. The site is currently run by founding member Travis Smith who is joined by staff writers Sam Trudeau (formerly of Punknews), Kyle Bowen (of Something Else Reviews) and Anthony Cappella III (of Suburban Voice).

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